Acupuncture: Its Not Just Needles

For centuries the Chinese model of medicine has evolved from humble beginnings, read wooly mammoth with spears in his back, to its present day refinement. It is honed by the discerning minds of the innovative Japanese healers. It is transformed by the Italian, French and English scholars. It is fed with the rich knowledge of modern Nauropathic western medical knowledge and scientific theory. And, finally, brought to the new world for you, by me.

But what is it? Acupuncture is a method for diagnosing the underlying cause of illness using a system derived from Chinese philosophy. It is also a system that encourages your body to heal itself. Your body does this all the time and it is really the best at it. My job as acupuncturist is to figure out how to best facilitate the healing process.

Needles are used to reduce pain and inflammation. They stimulate hormones in the body to heal, blood to flow, and nerve impulses to ‘reset’. They raise the white blood cell count and refocus your qi.

Qi? Yes, qi. What many have called the essence of you. Your most valuable treasure. Science has not measured it, but, without a doubt, everyone has experienced it. Is it the flow of hormones in the body, the chemical connection to our universe. In Chinese medicine it is an essential energy of the body derived from food in one form and given to you at birth. Anyone who has thrived or gone that extra mile has felt that hidden energy.

Proper excercise gives us a practical pathway to better using our bodies and thereby not wasting qi. Eating quality, well-prepared foods that are in sync with our bodies individual needs gives us the best energy and health. Being kind makes us feel good and enriches our lives and that of our community.

My job is to help you find, define, learn and grow so that your inner balance and health can be achieved with proper treatment using acupuncture, therapeutic massage, and dietary and lifestyle advice. I like to work within the community with you and the other healthcare professionals that make your support team.

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