Human Ergonomics

As a former traveling acupuncturist I saw many interesting workplaces. So many ancient and outdated desks from the Second World War. I’m not kidding. The government still uses these! So many charts suggesting that we sit like robots. (For maximum efficiency no doubt!)

Over and over again I’d have to help people see that we’re human and that the outdated ways that we’ve created workspace need to be reevaluated. And because we’re human, we share many things in common and have many different individual challenges.

This is why I like to consult with individuals, in groups and with companies to find solutions that are both effective, easily maintained and for a reasonable ROI. Often things just need adjusted and systems put in place to help people breathe and function. It’s a higher level of functioning all together that helps us feel better throughout our home/work life and be more productive. Try holding your breath and see how long you’re productive!

Move forward with an initial consultation and find what fits your situation.
• One-on-one ergonomic consultations and workplace adjustment
• Group seminars on office ergonomics awareness (1 hour sessions)
• Office Ergonomics program audit and development
• Expert review and guidance for selection of office furniture and equipment

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